How to Be a Good Girlfriend? Tips for Older Woman Dating A Younger Man

older woman younger manIf you are dating a younger man, you have to know how to be a good girlfriend. With a younger man added to your romantic game board, an older woman increases her opportunity for romance and love. If you want to be a good girlfriend, here are some of the tips you should know:

Expect the Unexpected

You need to remember that younger men come from different generations. Thus, they perceive the world differently compared to their older counterparts. Some of them grew up with working moms. This is why they admire and respect powerful women. Whereas older men were taught to see women as accessories to their lives, younger men see women as equals.

Younger men may surprise you with unexpected self-awareness level. They may possess an emotional capacity you did not anticipate. Odds are, they will be more adventurous and spontaneous than you are used to. They can challenge your ideas. A younger man is also apt to push you to a new understanding of social situations or open your thinking to a whole new perspective.

You should not also equate youth with simplicity. Younger men have more content than you expect. What you thought could be a casual fling can turn to a real thing.

Exciting Differences

Younger men will force you to grow. They’ll open the door to a new vision of life. They may not listen to the same kind of music or use the same reference point in the conversation, which is familiar to you. A younger man has a completely different worldview. Some may be more open and one freer. You’ll be forced to learn new things and see some things differently. You will also be aware of a whole new world.
Older women dating younger men would be enough commonality to connect both of them, but enough differences that would excite both parties. Excitement and expansion are the hallmarks of involvement with younger men.

You Might Not Be the One in Control

If you think older women are the one in control in a relationship with younger men, better think twice. The only thing secure established women may control is their own life and not another’s. Some older women have had the added years of self-reflection to learned the truth and live authentically. As an older woman, you have also become less reactive with what men consider crazy. You have also won enough battles to know your strengths as well as lost enough challenges to know you will survive. But, never assume that younger men are easy prey or a toy.

Younger men often view dating as a term of the partnership. While the former versions of dating assumed female and male roles, the younger guys today prefer to make original models. Resist the temptations to mold him to the past’s rigid dating version. Never allow the old roles in limiting your vision. Through assisting one another and working together, you will be able to make the version of the relationship or dating that works best for the relationship.

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